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I have been writing creatively since I knew how to spell simple words, but I guess it really all began in the sixth grade. That was when my teacher, Mr. Tungett, had students in the class write stories using spelling words. I haven't stopped since; they just stopped providing me with spelling words.

In some ways, I'm writing about the same person I wrote about in Mr. Tungett's class. Back before I can even remember, I invented a character named Jason Cole, and another named Arthur Werty. However, much has changed since then. A story about Jason Cole is getting published this year in the River Bluff Review.

Jason Cole and Arthur Werty are part of the Alliance story, which concerns the rise and fall, and subsequent rebirth, of an interplanetary republic in the 24th century. Though I have written about many other, more conventional topics, my work in this series has been my best so far.

I don't just write science fiction, and for that matter I don't just write fiction. I am also something of a struggling wannabe poet, still working on the basics of poetry but gaining new insights every day. I have a poem in the 2000 issue of the River Bluff Review, and I also have a poetry page.

I've recently begun working on a fantasy novel, or rather a series of fantasy novels. I'll add some new information about them as things progress.

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